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    E. C. Colton

    Author of Shards of Sky

    Hey! I'm Em.

    I'm the author of Shards of Sky, a clean contemporary fiction novella. My favorite types of stories are the type that delve into the deep, broken, soulful facets of life with delicate prose and a lot of drama. My passions for reaching the world with the gospel, thought-provoking reads, and revolutionizing the young adult genre collide in the stories I write.

    When I'm not writing, you'll find me just being an introvert and book nerd. There's a strong likelihood you'll find me crying over some new favorite book, scribbling poetry with a hefty dose of metaphors, or lowkey obsessing over autumn.

    About My Book

    Will hope prove itself worth fighting for?

    Nestled within the mountains of Colorado, life is anything but perfect for two children and their negligent aunt. Yet it becomes even more of a disaster when a mysterious accident leaves Aryon mute and Jenn terrified for their futures. Battling her own sorrow, bitterness, and distant memories, Jenn journeys through the mountains of Colorado in search of their father, who may only be as real as a wisp of mist. The biggest things standing in her way are the miles of seemingly endless forest, her shattered memories, and a mysterious woman trailing her.

    As she journeys on, Jenn is forced to confront her past. Has time changed her memories? What will it take to be strong and unhindered by the darkness around her? And does this woman hold the key to her past—her real past?
    But no matter where Jenn goes, a shard of sky shines bright overhead as a distant reminder of the hope she’s fighting to hold onto—and the person she could become.

    Heart-wrenching and emotionally moving, this story delivers a powerful message of courage and the wonder of hope.